UK & Beyond - Published in British vogue & Tatler

Wildly in love

This is A toast to intimacy and adventure 

Far from the ordinary, natural light photographer Amy Lou enchants couples and guests alike with her modern romantic style. 

With a passion for genuine connections and a flair for the most delicate details, Amy shoots creative, adventurous couples and families across the UK and beyond. Those looking for relaxed, warm captures of intimate moments need search no more.

Amy's Style

Framing your memories

From the quiet calm of an embrace to the unbridled joy of celebration, these are experiences as unique as the sparks that fly between the two of you.

In her signature light-filled and radiant style, Amy captures the whirlwind of moments as you live them, crafting them into visual keepsakes of your memories and providing something tangible to treasure forever.

Behind the lens

“You put us both at ease, made it fun and have given us photos we will treasure forever. we are so lucky to have been able to work with you!”


How do you envision your day? Style & colours? How many guests? What are the important elements of the day?